The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked

**UPDATE: 5/27/12 – 12/51 pm. We figured it out…… HAARP can also cause massive fires and right now the khazars, through Obama are so mad at AZ right now for sticking to their guns and not cooperating with the feds and neocons/libs, that I believe the giant state wide forest fire is7 due to haarp, partly because of the size of the fire and the speed with which it grew. It never had a few days to grow into a big fire. It started off as a big fire and went from there. .

*** A couple of notices….The first one is to tell you we made our goal and we made it early thanks to a gentleman or woman from Canada. I wish to thank everyone who contributed both to the ability to meet our deficit and for helping me as one woman here in America did, with bailing my car out of the repair shop. Without her, I seriously don’t think, I could have continued, so I am deeply indebted to my readers and to those two especially and both times it was my car. LOL The second item to discuss is below this one.

***Alert: The 2nd notice is Haarp is going batsh*t right now as I write this, here in SW Colorado where they use our skies to bounce haarp waves off the ionosphere, and its now 5:22 pm, May 26, 2012, with an increase in chemtrails over these past few days, it appears something is planned, but its impossible for me to figure out what and why. So far the only thing that comes to mind is Nibiru is close and Haarp is helping that situation along. I don’t know about weather anywhere else, just in the moutains of colorado where we NEVER get wind and when we do, its short in duration etc. This has been going on almost all day. It happened previously on May 23rd, but much shorter duration. Just take note and prepare. Do not go into fear.

Vatic Note: Well, this is awesome and a lot of work went into putting this together. So I commend Barraccuda for his efforts. Well, here we are again after many times visiting on our blog, this ongoing issue of all entertainment industries, from movies, to TV, Publishing, etc.being owned and controlled by the Illums , its finally a big picture presentation and it proves these insane inbreds are coming out of the closet. And if anyone still thinks this country is not controlled by a foreign nation that hates us and intends to destroy us and our various religions, take another think. What I have discovered throught these families is, its not one nation, its a class of people doing this with no national loyalty, they would sacrifice Israel in a heart beat if it advanced their agenda, no less then they would any other nation.

Remember the Kabbalah is the pagan religion of the khazars or at least one of them. They have many of them, sabbatean, satanism, occult of the Alistair Crowley fame, etc. This reaches into the highest levels of the Monarchy’s of Europe and elsewhere like Napal. Now you can see why these khazars have been kicked out of every country they have inhabited. I mean, you have to be really bad to get kicked out of Mongolia. lol

As Ron Paul said: If we allow this to continue we, and our children, will live in a dark ages the likes of which mankind has never seen before. I believe him. Therefore we will not go there since we are also promised a thousand years without these cretins even coming near us, and we will have prosperity and abundance in all things, including freedom. So I am opting for this latter promise.

The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked

By Barracuda, Before It’s News

May 22, 2012

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

If you ever wondered why the lives of Hollywood stars are so troubled but concluded the reason was nothing more than vanity, substance abuse, and too much money, think again.

Hollywood is ruled by a Kabbalistic cult—also known as the Illuminati—which is wreaking havoc in the lives those on the silver screen and in the music industry, according to blogger 101TheDestroyer in The Wake Up series.

TheDestroyer has created a series of videos shedding light on Hollywood’s deep dark secret, and all the big names are implicated. MK Ultra mind control, ritual murder, witchcraft, Freemasonry, membership at the Kabbalah Centre, and selling one’s soul to the devil are not the exception to the rule to making it in Hollywood but are actually prerequisites.

The proof? The prevalence of dissociative identity disorder (also known as split personality disorder) among the stars and their obsessive use of hand signs and occult symbolism in their album art and in their on-stage theatrics. Then there are the red Kabbalah bracelets that Hollywoodites can be found wearing when they are out of character. (VN: I think its more than that. Remember some time ago, a high up in the satanic order in a blog we published on here, stated that they were almost complete in their goal of taking over the globe and that now they can come out of the closet and not hide anymore. Well, that may well be what we are seeing here. The satanists are no longer hiding and letting us know, that through their thousands of years use of symbolism. Its their language and they are talking to each other.)

But I am going to let the video presentations do the talking. I have broken down the main points from each of the 42 videos in point form below. (Just click on the parts highlighted in red to go to the videos). The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher.

The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd (VN: Todd was a branch of the “Collins” illuminati family. The Blog on that is coming up both this week and one blog at the end of the 13 family series we are doing, since the minor illum Todd family had quite an impact and role to play in all of this.) reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together.

Out of all of the stars examined in The Wake Up series, you will learn that Madonna and Lady Gaga are two of the most loyal followers of Lucifer, and they are not afraid to admit it.

Many of the other stars are not so loyal, and when they start to rebel from their childhood-based Illuminati programming or renege on their unspoken contract with Hollywood devils, they wind up dead or demoted. I guess Randy Quaid isn’t crazy after all.

Rhianna bent over inside a pyramid in the Umbrella music video. The videographers obviously doctored this scene to extend Rhianna’s neck—creating the snout—and to create the eyes at her shoulders—stylized after the Baphomet head on the right. In real time, this particular scene flashes by rather quickly to give it a subliminal effect.

Rhianna doing her Baphomet thing again.

The Wake Up Series

Part 1

  • William Cooper explains Illuminati’s method to their madness

  • Luciferean philosophy and humanism

Part 2

  • 9/11 inside job

  • Bill Cooper predicts 9/11 June 28, 2001

Part 3

  • Footage of 9/11

  • Media fear mongering

Part 4

  • 9/11 as a controlled demolition

Part 5

  • Bushes and the Bin Ladens

  • Bush slip up about seeing first plane hit tower

  • BBC screw up reporting Building 7 collapse

Part 6

  • 9/11 numerology

  • Bush-Nazi connection

  • Portions of Bill Cooper shows post 9/11 (VN: and shortly after that is when Bill was killed specifically by the government. Clinton hated him just like Bush sr hated Wellstone for years and Bush Jr hated JFK Jr. and now ironically they are dead, early life deaths)

Part 7

  • JFK speaks out against secret societies

  • U.S. presidential swearing in using Masonic Bible (VN: Remember, both Obama and his female supreme court judge apptmt (Kagel is her name I think) were both sworn in twice. The first time was the legit swearing, and the second time in private with Brooks, and no one there to witness what was sworn to. To this day we do not know what the 2nd swearing entailed)

  • Interview with Anthony Hilder

  • Freemasonry

Part 8

  • Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove

  • The Illuminati is all these things….

  • Zionist shill Alex Jones, Bohemian Grove “infiltration”

Part 9

  • Bill Hicks

  • Bush family tree: Obama is Bush’s 11th cousin, etc….

  • Illuminati bloodlines

  • Robert Welch of the John Birch Society makes accurate prediction of current world predicament in 1974 speech

Part 10

  • What is the occult?

  • Illuminati all-seeing eye in The Family Guy episode, along with Richard Dawkins. Also owl symbolism

  • “Freemasons run the country” on The Simpsons (VN: of course they ran such a program, since like the “Jews”, they are used as a front for the illum families and khazars which in some cases are the same thing. Remember who controls the entertainment industry, its not independant, so they will feed us what they want us to believe, that is a whole other blog and rabbithole.)

  • 9/11 tease on The Simpsons prior to the event

  • Symbolism in Simpson’s “Stonecutters” episode; even little Malibu Stacey has a pyramid

  • All-seeing eye/pyramid in children’s cartoon Arthur

  • South Park all-seeing eye along with baphomet and pentagram

  • The X Factor 666 hand sign

  • McDonald’s commercial pyramid all-seeing eye (CEO makes Illuminati hand sign)

  • Pyramid all-seeing eye in In Living Color episode with Jim Carey

  • Reverse psychology with symbols

  • Mario Brothers movie – 9/11 symbolism

  • Assassins’ Creed video game Illuminati symbolism

  • Pyramids in Tom and Jerry cartoon

  • (Vatic Note: all of the above simply proves the illums are coming out of the closet and wearing their occult satanism on their sleeves and daring us to do something about it. Well, we will, but in our own way, not theirs)

Part 11

  • 666 hand sign: Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Emma Watson, Fergie, Beyonce Knowles, Lil’ Wayne, Michael Jackson, George Herbert Walker Bush, Tony Blair, The Pope, Neyo, WWE wrestler John Cena, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Gerri Halliwell, Jay Z, Drake, Elvis Presley, Tyra Banks, Ronald Reagan, Steven Tyler, Fidel Castro, Jamie Lynn Spears, Hugo Chavez, Israel’s chief Ashkenazi rabbi, Madonna, Fiasco Lupe, Jean Sarkosy, John Lynden, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Johnny Depp, Glee, Gwen Stefani, Hayley Williams, Henry Rollins, Oprah Winfrey, Jason Schwartzman, Robin Williams, Justin Timberlake, The Beatles, Corey Feldman, Pink, Serge Lama, Tila Tequila, John Lennon, t-pain, Marilyn Manson

  • Devil horns sign: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Liz Taylor, Silvio Berlusconi, Paul McCartney

  • The Beatles promote Freemasonry

  • MTV all-seeing eye contest

  • Lady Gaga answers question about where her inspiration comes from while simultaneously covering one of her eyes (all-seeing eye symbolism)

  • Satanic symbols with alien and rock band DIO

  • Devil horns – Tenacious D and mocking Jesus; all-seeing eye symbolism

Part 12

  • Glen Beck: pseudo truther makes 666 hand sign

  • Hidden Jewish star on Glen Beck show, plus wears Masonic patch and triangle

  • Beck sports skull and bones belt buckle, displays devil horns

  • Jay Z, Rockefeller, and Illuminati symbolism; Molech, 666, pyramid hands, Masonic handshake

  • Bill Cooper explains symbolism as a tool to lead men

  • Bush Jr., Bush Sr. Masonic handshake

  • Bill Maher devil horns

  • Queen Elizabeth – Tony Blair Masonic handshake

  • Ron Paul devil horns

  • Mikhail Gorbachev – Ronald Reagan Masonic handshake

  • MTV Illuminati ad

  • History Channel subliminal imagery

  • Jay Z subliminal messages

  • Hackers movie NWO message

  • 9/11 symbolism

Part 13

  • Education system not teaching independent thinking, critical thinking

  • Bill Cooper talking about “The Plan”

  • Number of one-eyed symbols among many Hollywood stars

  • Music video symbolism: Jay Z, Rhianna

  • Obama devil horns; “Yes we can” in reverse says “Thank you Satan”

  • Hitler triangle hands

  • Stanford Research” Tavistock Institute creates The Beatles as subversive propaganda

  • The Beatles talk about “backmasking” in their music

  • Aleister Crowley: speaking backwards in order to gain power over others

  • Crowley was on Beatles Sgt. Pepper album cover; Was Crowley Sgt. Pepper himself? Backmasking: “It was a fake moustache”, “We’ll all be magic supermen”

  • Charles Manson talks about his encounter with music industry

Part 14

  • Zeitgeist movement is an Illuminati scam

  • Aleister Crowley becomes her in drug subculture

  • Crowley appears on Led Zeppelin album

  • Mind control in music

  • The Tavistock Institute – social science research

  • Backmasking: “Satan, look at me”, “Satan is great”

  • Satanist Nickolas Schrek admits using symbolism to “waken dormant aspects of the mind” , “Christian values…that above all is what we seek to eradicate….” (VN: Why? what are they afraid of with Christianity? They killed 63 million Christians in Russia after they funded and controlled the Russian revolution. Think about the size of that number. Its greater then the entire populaton of Great Britain)

  • Beatle an Egyptian symbol adopted by The Beatles

  • Brutal rock music

  • Former Zodiac Productions managing president John Todd blows the whistle on the music industry, says witches cast spells on all albums

  • Zodiac was main conglomerate: RCA Records, Columbia, and Motown, etc.

  • Todd says demons conjured in master temple room “so we can place spells on people that we couldn’t cast spells on,” according to David Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

  • “I’ve been hearing that you must be an initiatied witch now in order to get a record contract,” says Todd.

  • “That’s right,” replies Crosby.

  • Albums taken into temple on full moon and put on altar, at which time demons summoned to influence every song

  • “You can’t cast a spell on a Christian, but you can get a Christian to cast a spell on themselves.”

  • Britney Spears’ Kentwood, Louisiana property dawns Jewish-Masonic symbols

  • Use of emotional sequences in movies

Part 15

  • Timothy Leary (Crowley disciple) leads drug revolution

  • Leary admits to continuing Crowley’s work

  • The Beatles song Come Together written for Leary

  • Leary on Crowley

  • “Turn on, tune in, and drop out”

  • Leary linked to the CIA

  • Cathy O’Brien, MK Ultra victim, talks about NWO stooges Ronald Reagan and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who raped her

  • Randy Quaid – “star whackers”

  • Evi Quaid says Heath Ledger murdered as well as David Keridean

  • “A malignant tumour of star whackers in Hollywood”

  • Quaid says eight stars he knew died mysteriously

  • Barbara Bush using repetition brainwashing

  • The Doors – Jim Morrison’s father George Stephen Morrison was involved in Gulf of Tonkin false flag terrorist attack

  • Mamas and the Papas also connected to military intelligence

  • People in alpha state while watching movies/TV

  • Masonic mind control

  • Bill Clinton a mind-controlled slave

  • Britney Spears reveals her split personality; alter ego uses British accent

Part 16

  • Illuminati mind-controlled sex slaves Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien

  • Dissociation identity disorder; subject used for prostitution, couriers, and assassinations

  • “Our political leaders are chosen by their moral frailties, blackmailability, and willingness to advance the Illuminati plan….”

  • Taylor suggests Jon Benet Ramsey may have been MK Ultra victim

  • More on Britney Spears’ split personality – footage of her bizarre British accent

  • Fritz Springmeier explains trauma’s effect on the mind

  • Courtney Love says Britney Spears was molested by her father and that he made her a slave

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